Conserve Nature! Conserve Biodiversity!

Plant Saplings! Save Forests!

A tree can return up to $2.70 for each $1 on community investment…that’s a 270% return.

  • Four trees planted around a home can save up to 30% on summer cooling costs.
  • One million trees save $10 million a year in energy costs.
  • Forty trees remove 80 pounds of air pollutants annually.
  • Four million trees can save $20 million in air pollution cleanup.
  • Four hundred trees capture 140,000 gallons of rainwater annually.
  • Four million trees save $14 million dollars in annual storm water runoff costs.
  • Trees in commercial parking lots induce shoppers to spend 11% more for goods and services.

Kindly read the above and plant trees!

Preserve and Restore Monuments!

Old monuments have always been the illustration of wealth and power of a country. But simply possessing they are not enough. Preserving them should be equally prioritised. I am sorry to say that this thought has never struck any of us.

“I haven’t built them? So why must I clean them.”Who knows when these mighty structures will crash down? No law, no rule, no force can save our monuments. Only self-realisation can.

So save Our Monuments

Save Our National Animal!

Forest clearing for illegal logging and agricultural cash crops destroys tiger habitat and is a major threat to the survival of tigers.

I don’t know how many people I will be able to reach or how many will take this seriously. Some may even laugh at me or feel that “how can my message make any difference”. But it will. Even if you feel that your message won’t make any difference but the least you can do is TRY. Its our last chance or else we may lose this wonderful, exotic animal forever.

Please Save Tigers! Save our earth!


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